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Paul Maplesden

Joined 2 years ago from Tunbridge Wells

I believe that many of us desire simplicity and beauty. I write on two main subjects here:

Inspirational Poetry - Searching and painting pictures with words on subjects like love, grace, beauty and spirituality

Small business - Making things easier and simpler for small business owners.

Although they appear quite different, I enjoy enormously writing about both things. After all, each is about sharing information, including better ways to be and do things.

My main business interests are in small business and entrepreneurship and I like to provide tools that save small business owners and freelancers time and money.

I provide consultancy, advice, content creation, writing, analysis, project management and document development services for corporations, small businesses, freelancers and individuals.

I'm happy to provide guest posts to reputable blogs or if you would like to hire me for a writing or business project, please check out my website link to the right.

My personal interests include spirituality, philosophy, psychology and alternative thinking.

I'm just your average, run of the mill liberal, Spiritual, free thinking, live and let live vegetarian, trying to make the world a better place in microscopic ways.

I like hats, Earl Grey tea, RPGs, real ale and ice hockey.

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